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The state of Wyoming is known best for one very important thing... wind! The wind is almost always blowing, giving rise to the following phrase: "You're always passing through Wyoming... whether you want to or not!" And it just so happens to be a great metaphor for life. No matter how hard we try to hold on, time, much like the wind, is always moving us to the next "state," whether we want it to or not. We're always "passing through."  Passing Thru Entertainment - an appropriate name for so many reasons.

Passing Thru Entertainment, LLC is the dream-become-reality for Wyoming native and music industry veteran, Aaron Casey. Owned and operated by Aaron Casey in his home-city of Cheyenne, Wyoming, PTE is setting a new standard in Christian entertainment.

From an early age, Aaron felt God calling him into the music industry. Even prior to the creation of PTE, Aaron, along with some friends, started a non-profit concert promotion organization called Prairie Fire Concerts as a means of bringing Christian music to the city of Cheyenne through concerts. In 2006, Aaron heard God calling him to do more in the music industry. In July of 2006, Aaron began working with industry colleague and friend, Kevin Sparkman and his company, Exit3Entertainment. Through his short tenure with E3E, Aaron discovered a passion for a new side of the Christian music industry. As a promoter, Aaron appreciated working with great booking agents who were honest, efficient, and concerned, not just about the business side of booking, but also the ministry that would be taking place. Fusing his experiences as a promoter and as an agent, Aaron created Passing Thru Entertainment.

Aaron Casey lives in Cheyenne, Wyoming with his wife Janda and two children, Ethan and Rachel. In addition to PTE, Aaron works full time at Cheyenne Radiology;
 a blogger; podcast cohost for the F.A.M.E. podcast; board member of the American Legion Post 6 baseball team; president of Combined Connections, LLC (concert promotion company); an Uber driver and attends Meadowbrooke Church. In his spare time, he enjoys listening to music, going on dates with his wife and binge watching Netflix/Hulu.

Yes, living in Wyoming, he has seen people's car doors nearly blown off during particularly gusty storms!

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