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Michael Reed - The Reed Foundation:  Life can change in a matter of seconds.  It's how you handle that change which will determine the remainder of your life.  Tragedy has a funny way of making you question everything about who you are, who you were and who you will be.  For Michael, the seconds of tragedy in November of 2016 became hours and then days.  From a simple plea for help on local news to a nation rooting for him just 12 hours later.  With all eyes on Gatlinburg, TN and the tragic fire that ruined the lives of many, Michael and his search for his wife and daughters caught the eyes and hearts of the country.  Tragically, the lives of his wife and daughters were taken in that fire.  But, it wasn't just their lives, it was also the lives of Michael and his son.  Now, they were faced with trying to live with out their wife, mother, sisters and daughters.  What would life look like now without them?    In the coming days, Michael began to see how best he could honor his girls.

Today, Michael is the owner and president of The Reed Foundation - a non-profit organization fighting to be the voice of the abused.  Through a viral video of his wife Constance, the #shedtheshame campaign was born.  Michael is now an advocate in speaking out against child abuse, child sexual abuse, addiction and the guilt that one feels when a victim.  Constance was a victim of all three and survived life with mental disorders and various addictions.  Michael knew he had to honor his wife and find a way to help others overcome the nightmares abuse and addiction can cause.

The scars of the fire are evident every day for Michael.  But, he knows he has to share their story; their victory over tragedy.  Now is the time to share her story.  Now is the time to create change.  Now is the time to #shedtheshame

Tom Harmsen - Begin Anew:  What is is like to be at the top of everything?  What happens when you have the world at your fingertips and then with a few too many drinks your world stops?  For Tom, that answer is still being discovered.


Brandon Estelle: Brandon Estelle is a Grammy nominated artist and worship leader. He grew up in Kansas City in a very musical family with his grandfather, father and brother all performing in well known bands. Brandon was member of the band Superchick up until their hiatus, when he decided to pursue his solo career. He plays drums, piano, and all stringed instruments.

His debut Pando Records/Warner Music album, "The Star LP" is produced by Brandon?s brother Lester Estelle, from the acclaimed band Pillar. It features eleven tracks including the first single ?So Brilliant?. The video for "So Brilliant" received rave reviews. It was filmed on the streets of Chicago and features Estelle showcasing his multi-instrumental prowess.

The Black Masquerade:  This Billboard Top 50 Christian Rock Chart band makes Bowling Green, KY home. Currently in the final phases of their next full length album, they are ready to visit your venue and rock.  Their single, "The Edge" is still getting regular rotation on multiple radio stations since its release early 2013.  Their new album is harder and deals with the bands lives and brutal honesty of pain losing their bass player in a tragic shooting.

The Salt:  There is a refreshing new artist out known as, "The Salt", aka Rylie Mills.  A positive uplifting Hip Hop artist that strays from the overly negative tone that is often so prevalent in that community.  The Salt originally started out as a solo punk music project. About a year ago he was writing songs for an acoustic album and, as a joke, Mills decided to do a cover of the song ?Tipsy? by J-Kwon with him rapping his lyrics to his song ?Audile Emotion?.  Much to his surprise, the song was wildly popular, and so the decision was made to shift from punk to hip hop.  In the year following, The Salt has refined his sound,  and used his new direction to release an album entitled "Glad I Can Amuse You" released by the Alien Patrol records.



All artists are currently available to perform at your event.  Contact Aaron to book one of them for your event.

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